About IntoQuality


"Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations Fostering Mobility in Europe"

Project number: 2016-1-BG01-KA202-023676

Project duration: 15.11.2016 – 14.11.2018

Mobility contributes to the flexibility and employability of the European labour force. Transnational mobility for vocational education and training (VET) for the purpose of acquiring new skills is one of the fundamental ways through which individuals, particularly young people, can strengthen their employability as well as their personal development (European Commission 2009).

The IntoQuality project will develop a Quality Assurance System (QAS) for intermediary organisations involved in VET mobilities. The QAS is intended to overcome the lack of transparency in practices and prices and the lack of common rules and indicators for quality assurance of the provided service. It will strive to establish well-founded and defined criteria to estimate the value and credibility of the main actors involved in mobilities.

The overall aim of the IntoQuality project is to create a more favourable environment for youth exchanges and mobility programmes in the field of IVET. The project intends to set up a Europe-wide Association of quality intermediary organisations active in mobility projects. Although a few EU-wide networks with the aim to encourage cooperation between EU organisations for mobility already exist, none of them focuses on the quality of the services provided by members. At first glance, the more members in a network, the more opportunities to find a suitable partner. However, quantity does not equal quality. The lack of transparency in practices and prices and the lack of common rules and indicators for quality assurance of the provided service are barriers to starting up cooperation with new partners. IntoQuality will develop a QAS that will serve as a tool for evaluating and improving the quality of services provided by intermediary organisations.

The project will develop the following Intellectual Outputs:

IO1: Quality Assurance System for VET Mobility Intermediary Organizations to facilitate the monitoring, evaluation and visibility of the quality of services provided by intermediary organisations involved in mobility projects

IO2: Interactive Monitoring Application for mobility beneficiaries allowing for continuous evaluation and improvement of the mobility experience

As soon as the Outputs are developed, you will find them here for download.

The project will also lead to the establishment of European Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations in Mobility united around common definition of quality mobility and value for money

The target groups of the project are Intermediary organisations managing and implementing mobilities, VET schools sending/receiving mobilities, business organisations providing work placements for mobility participants, local/regional/national authorities involved in Multi-stakeholder Mobility Platforms, VET Students taking part in mobility projects and VET professionals taking part in mobility projects.


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