Second Transnational Meeting in Leipzig, Germany

The 2nd meeting of IntoQuality project, “Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations Fostering Mobility in Europe” took place from 20.04.2017 to 21.04.2017 in Leipzig, Germany. It was hosted by Wisamar, a non-profit education provider. A total of 9 participants from Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Germany took part in the meeting. All partner organizations were represented at the meeting.

On the first day all partners were actively engaged in a constructive dialogue regarding the Quality Assurance System criteria, definition of indicators and minimum acceptable standards. Partners managed to reach a draft version of the IntoQuality QAS which shall be tested internally between the partners acting as mobility intermediary organizations. After this step, a Europe-wide testing of the QAS will be carried out with external stakeholders. Through the day there were also individual consultations between the partner team organizations and the coordinating team from ECQ. Issues regarding financial and project management were cleared.  

During the second day ECQ moderated a discussion about the elaboration of preliminary specifications for the functions of the Interactive Monitoring Application (IO2). Partners exchanged details about their vision of the application, while ECQ as leader for the intellectual product structured the discussion and undertook the feasibility check in terms of technical implementation.  The tasks until the next project meeting were distributed. A special session for dissemination of other current projects of the partners was also conducted.

The meeting was very fruitful for the project and enriching for the participants. It allowed partners to exchange experience in the various aspects of organizing student mobility, learn new methods and view different practices.   DSC_0801.JPG DSC_0791.JPG DSC_0800.JPG  DSC_0788.JPG